Subway doubles meat portions on selected sandwiches


Subway on Wednesday started offering double meat portions on selected sandwiches.

For an additional 100 yen, consumers can get double meat on either the Beef Bulgogi or Pork Rib sub; two sandwiches introduced in mid-May as “Stamina Boosters” in preparation for long, hot, strength-sapping summer ahead.

The additional beef amounts to just an extra 113 kcals. Subway is running the campaign until mid-July (some stores excluded).

Source: Jin115

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Subway Japan is nothing like its US counterpart! The amount of meat and vegetables is so scarce. I ordered a Mexican sub, and got one thin piece of soft chewy bacon with a little bit of lettuce, a few hot peppers, and some weak salsa on top. What a disappointment!

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But you can also ask for as much extra vegetables as you like for no additional charge...

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Too bad the Beef Bulgogi is 450 yen, it's not one of the daily 320 yen sandwiches.

That reminds me - why do people never have to worry about starving in the desert?

Because of the sand wich es there!

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Great. More carcinogens for the buck.

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Try asking for a tuna wrap and hold the mayo. No Chance, they are ordered to always put mayo on.

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That's awesome actually, will definitely try it out. The only problem is that Subway is so damn expensive, I usually have to pay 1,400 yen for a good feed whereas I could pay nearly half that at Maccas..

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They've had double meat for years now in the base.

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When oh when will QUIZMO's make to Japan??? Give old Subway a good run for there money!! If you know Quizmo's, please let the entire world know they are better than Subway!!

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When oh when will QUIZMO's make to Japan???

I assume you mean Quiznos... there used to be one in Yurakucho but I think it closed. I agree with you they're much better.

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I would kill for a double-meat buffalo chicken sub.

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Great now they're putting 2 wafer thin slices of meat!

A poor excuse for a sandwich.

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