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Subway sandwich chain co-founder DeLuca dead at 67


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Amazing entrepreneur. RIP

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Love Subway, great healthy alternative to all the other fast food crap out there

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Trump inherit his money,Mr Deluca earned his. Sadly he passed away. Subway will surpass mcds for sure

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Not to take anything away from Mr DeLuca's lifetime achievements, I do find it curious that even with a net worth of 3.5 billion dollars, he was in 2015 only the 259th richest person in the United States. That there are 258 individuals with even more in assets, in the US alone, is both amazing and somewhat disheartening.

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Not enough Subway in Japan. And when you do find them, often there are no empty seats and you gotta stand forever in a lineup.

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Pfft, Trump's got more than that guy!

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