Sukiya, Matsuya to cut 'gyudon' prices


The operators of the Sukiya and Matsuya "gyudon" beef-bowl chains will cut prices for a week beginning Friday.

Zensho Holdings operates Sukiya while Matsuya Foods Co runs the Matsuya chain. Both companies said they would cut the price of regular beef bowls by 30 yen at their stores from 9 a.m. Friday until 8 a.m. April 12 (for Sukiya), and from 10 a.m. Friday until 3 p.m. April 15 (for Matsuya).

Industry leader Yoshinoya Holdings has not announced if it, too, will lower prices. Last year, the three companies engaged in a price-cutting war, but were forced to end it when the price of rice went up.

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Login to comment the time when Abe is talking about 2% inflation? check expiry date.

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Oh no, another round of deflation! These gyudon chains, particularly Yoshinoya, seem to be the only evidence of deflation I have encountered in the past 11 years. Everything else seems to have either risen in price or been made smaller.

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From 9am to 8am seems to leave very little room to get to eat at a regular price... Maybe a typo? Yes I concur with the two comments above: this screams deflation, on a quick glance anyway.

Competitive prices do tend to lead in more spending in general. Just like big market chains lure customers with a few discounted prices to sell more of the other products with better profit ratio. In our case anything that get people out of their houses and away from the TV or Facebook is a plus.

One way of getting more people to spend is to get them to think they want or need new products. Socializing, even if it is at a sukiya with your friends has a much better chance than youtube has, of convincing you, your old car needs to be retired.

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Bad translation:

Sukiya discount starts 9am 5 April, ends 8am 12 April.

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Did they get a 'job-lot' of Fukushima beef or something ?

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Maybe I'm out of touch with the common man, but does a 30 yen price difference really make that big of a difference for anyone? Unless you're eating like 100 bowls of the stuff...

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Actually they have been talking about reduced restrictions on importing US beef. This has lead to some cheaper beef supplies, and hence the Gyudon sales.

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From price-cutting war last year to apparent cartelization now? I guess it's good that the price is going down though.

@greenlight : For those types of fast foods like Yoshinoya, Matsuya, etc., the price elasticity is very high especially in areas where you have these shops in close proximity to each other (if one is cheaper than the other same thing, than you'd be stupid to go to the more expensive one)

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I thought these couldn't get any cheaper!

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isn't it repetitious to say "gyudon" beef bowls? it's like saying "i'm going to the gion matsuri festival."

when it hits 200 yen, then call me. 250 yen is not worth the trip.

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I see businesses are still waiting for the Abe monetary easing to get the economy roaring again. Too bad for these retailers that they don't export their gyudon. That's about the only outcome I see; short-term export profits (and a restart of the yen carry trade).

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Just what an overweight, overworked sarariiman is in need of - more fat, cheap, sweetened meat on top of a giant pile of white rice.

It would have been interesting to know what really goes into these kinds of beef bowls and similiar, cheap food. One would think that Japanese consumers would be interested, especially with what happened in Europe with the abundance of horse meat falsely labeled as beef. Some journalistic efforts or some such.

Instead, it's the ostrich-syndrome: head in the sand and pretend all is good. And cheap.

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Hahaha, I guess that would make two of us.

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Maybe I'm out of touch with the common man...

Hahaha, I guess that would make two of us.

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