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Supplement sales in Japan shrink 8% after red yeast rice pill scare


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good thing.

be smart eat well than you dont need any so called "supplements"

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Supplements in Japan are simply a waste of money and now deadly. One of, if not the number one, healthiest diets in the world. Japanese are following the overseas obesity trend with fast food and supplement ideas. Hope it goes down 90%. The amount of money wasted when you just need to eat proper food is amazing.

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Only 8%? Was expecting -30% minimum. The japanese seniours eat healthy and are very active if compared to other countries.

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The classification introduced in 2015 allows companies to label their products as beneficial to health based on scientific evidence submitted to the Consumer Affairs Agency, but they do not undergo government safety or efficacy inspections.

The problem is that the scientific evidence required is not the equivalent to what is asked for pharmaceuticals (which are clinical trials). For supplements indirect data or cells results are enough to give approval, and since that kind of data is no guarantee of actually having any positive effect it means the supplements are approved as long at they might be beneficial and without the controls necessary to prevent health risks such as what recently happened.

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I guess the industry needs to find some sort of supplemental income.

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The supplement thing here is a joke anyway. All those stupid vitamin drinks and pills you can buy that take up half a wall at a convenie. They do absolutely nothing... well, except kill people now.

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