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Surge in Wendy's complaints exposes limits to consumer tolerance of floating prices


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Everyday, we the consumer/little guy are getting squeezed more and more by these behemoth corporations, and there is nobody to go to bat for us. And then people wonder why the average Joe is angrier, more stressed and less likely to to go out and socialize. How can you when the cards are stacked against you!

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Dynamic price his salary down! You’re better off not eating that junk anyways.

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All these big companies and conglomerates make tens of millions, get tax breaks out the yang and many get bailouts from the government. Forgive me if their bit of grief makes me feel joyful.

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"Dynamic Pricing / Surge Pricing" – the fast track to brand sabotage. Picture this: a customer strides in during the lunch rush, their only respite from work, only to be met with an agonizing wait in an already snaking line. They sacrifice their precious hour break, only to endure an additional 40 minutes in line, forced to cough up extra cash because it's a peak hour. And what do they get in return? A lacklustre product hastily put together by rushed staff. It's a grim joke. The only winner here? The brand, raking in extra fees. But the customer? They're left seething, vowing never to return. Meanwhile, the cashier, bombarded with complaints about slow service, throws in the towel. It's a downward spiral – all courtesy of "Dynamic Pricing." It's not just a bad idea; it's a disaster waiting to happen.

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I guess no one has considered not eating at Wendy’s. I wonder if many people are waiting for announcement of a boycott to do so. So much for personal agency.

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“Sacrificing their precious break hour”?

Are people here familiar with the phrase “Brown bag it”?

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If prices can be below / cheaper than regular price I can live with dynamic pricing. In the case of Wendy's prices probably just go above regular prices during higher demand times and don't go below regular price even if there are few customers

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This is a blessing in disguise. I don't mind paying up for good burgers such as Shake Shack or Kua Aina.

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There is increasing pushback in the US to high fast food prices. The Chinese buffets we tend to patronize on the rare occasions we do eat out have been practicing a form of dynamic pricing for a long time. Their weekend lunch prices are always lower than their weekend dinner prices, unless it is a major holiday where lunch and dinner will both be at the higher dinner price. Some also price weekday lunches differently than their dinner price.

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