Suruga Bank says many employees knew about improper lending


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Not to be confused with the outright Commercial property loans which are legitimate.

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These guys are SO screwed! They are going to face the full extent of Japanese law and will actually have to BOW in front of the media and say "moushiwake nai"! It'll be pure and utter hell, and someone might, in the end, might have to resign to another amakudari job and with a huge compensation package. They are done!

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I despised banks in my own country after learning about their part in the 2008 global financial crisis, then I came to Japan and discovered the joy of Japanese banks, and I discovered a whole new level of contempt for such institutions.

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Asude from the banking scandal angle, I personally believe that there will be a lot of news in future about similar Japanese real-estate investment schemes not working out too well.

The TV has been full of these commercials selling the idea to every salaryman who wants to listen. Safe, steady money for retirement surely doesn’t come that easy.

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Expect: an explanation of a regrettable misunderstanding; estabishing a special panel to consider an agenda to discuss taking action to prevent further occurrences; and a couple of directors losing 30% of their salary for 6 months.


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I wish knew about this bank, it was a total nightmare to get my loan. And the refusing banks keep loads of my personal data.

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Lawyers representing the owners have repeatedly asked the bank to declare the loans void, but the bank has rejected the demand.

Sure. They didn't forgive the loans for all those lost in the great tsunami, so you really think they will forgive loans of greed and pure capitalism gone under? Nope. You borrowed it so you pay for it.

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