Suzuki, SkyDrive to jointly start producing flying cars in 2024


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Funny how these companies make statements like this but never actually do it. I think they make these statements because it makes the news with free advertising for them.

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The Jetsons - a valid reference point for future innovation - predicted we'd have flying cars in the year 2000.

So, what took them so long?

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I'll believe it when I see it. Doesn't sound very convenient. 15km? Can't get very far. And how would you get back?

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Start shopping for an additional parking place now. Can't imagine the licensing requirements for this thing. I had an amphicar back in the 70s in the US and had to have a drivers license and a boat operators license. It had a watercraft inspection and a road worthy inspection as well.

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Ambitious! This is excellent news. However, they appear to have neglected considering the ineptitude of the Japanese police who have yet to make any flying cars traffic laws. Government laziness and red tape will hinder Suzuki considerably. Maybe not the best time to buy stock in these companies.

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"Flying car" seems a misleading description. It looks to me more like a helicopter with multiple rotors which is a much less radical concept. The flying car is a concept that has been on the verge of happening for a very long time but is always plagued by the basic incompatibility of the two vehicle forms. A similar incompatibility of ideal form ensured amphibious cars could never be both a good car and a usable boat.

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People riding around on giant drones...what could go wrong?

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These things are never as exciting as my imagination - I mean they will end up as big drones with a one or two person cabins perched on top. Just like that 'flying' bike from a few years ago.

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Not for the ordinary man in the street due to the restrictions and cost….

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