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Takashimaya unable to solve mystery of Christmas cake damage


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So are they refunding the cost at least? lol don’t think so as it wasn’t mentioned.

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Wrong. All those who report a damaged cake have been offered a refund or replacement. JT's report on this is just rather short of detail.

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Takashimaya should deliver the product themself that is the only solution.

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They should get a replacement or refund plus a gift voucher for spoiling people’s day. Oh yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me.

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I’m sure Takashimaya Co will give refunds to all of the customers who received the damaged cakes. They will also send each affected customer a voucher or something as an expression of apology, hoping the same customers will order the store’s high-priced cakes again next Christmas.

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Damaged cakes can still be eaten. Wife and I will take it easy. To receive even a refund for it makes our day even more enjoyable. Get a damaged cake for free!

Generally it can be said, that department stores are very much willing to replace damaged goods or offer a refund. We had such an experience a while ago with a piece of furniture, one phone call, two days later we received replacement and the damaged item was taken back.

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Alright, let’s see these damaged cakes.

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So,you can have your cake and eat it too?

It'll all end in tiers,mark my words.

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It's already been reported that Takashimaya is issuing refunds.

They're a somewhat high-end store, so it's to be expected.

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.....cakes that arrived completely collapsed or with strawberries sliding off half-melted whipped cream.


.......both firms said temperature management of the products was appropriate

Somebody is telling porkies.

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Maybe look into a disgruntled employee playing soccer with the cakes

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This will go down as The Great Christmas Cake Caper of 2023

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Ordering a cake online for delivery is exceedingly foolish.

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Sometimes, here in the US, things come to me damaged. It is usually a disgruntled postal employ who is to blame. For instance, I get a regular mailing from the Veteran's organization with a nickel visible through the envelope. Now the nickel has always been lifted out of the envelope. It must be a postal worker since it is certainly not the VA and only postal employees have access to the mailing until it arrives. Other damaged goods have arrived that was the Post Office's fault. Check out the mail people as a possible source of the problem.

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It sounds like a batch had an issue. Maybe a delay or a power failure in the freezer that wasn't spotted.

Getting fragiles and decoratives mail order in one piece can be a bit of a lottery. Doubly so with frozen stuff. I regularly get vegan chocolate cakes by post and they generally arrive in good order, but they aren't frozen.

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Ordering a cake online for delivery is exceedingly foolish.

I ordered a photo cake online for my kid and designed it with his favorite video game character.

I certainly didn't feel foolish when he said it was the best cake ever.

The only fools here are the ones who managed to let over 800 cakes get destroyed without noticing, and still can't figure out how it happened!

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Nobody fault? Simply takashimaya want to keep working with bad partner for unknown reason....

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