Takata asks bankruptcy judge to halt air bag lawsuits


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No mercy for these cretins. Why should a company who has profited from the deaths of people be allowed to stop and regroup when people are just starting to seek justice for the wrong doings of said company? Takata made its bed. I just hope the people are wise enough not only to NOT stop the lawsuits, but demand the heads of the company be jailed for falsifying data and witholding vital informations on these deaths, possibly resulting in more.

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You know who is profiting is the guys who bought the stock at 15 yen and sold it a week later at 150 yen.

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This is a total Witch Hunt, Takata has sold more than 100 million airbags worldwide, 8 people were killed, thats bad I know, but nothing is perfect in this world, that's 0.00000008% failure rate, just like Toyota Unintended Acceleration Scandal that Nobody in the world could replicate, yet Toyota had to pay 1.2 Billion dollars in recalls.

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Bluewater, Normally I'd agree. However Takata KNEW their products had a major safety flaw and went out of their way to bury evidence, destroy the test results showing the flaws and keep it quiet. That is unacceptable. The moment they knew of the problem they should have sought to fix it. Not only is that the moral thing to do, it'd also have been far cheaper and saved them from these lawsuits and bankruptcy - and saved some of the lives of those who died. Good riddance Takata. Let it be a lesson to other companies.

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Bluewater - You are wrong! To date, 17 people have been killed by these airbags and over 160 people seriously injured worldwide with still tens of millions of potentially lethal airbags yet to be replaced. I would hardly call that insignificant. You can combine these facts with the the fact that the first injuries occurred over a decade ago and Takata did nothing about changing the design. They just kept taking the money. Takata is no different to a drug dealer. They knew their product was harmful, but kept peddling it around the world.

@tinawatanabe - Takata's Mexico factory was run by American. The targeted Japanese companies of Japan-bashing are becoming Chinese companies one by one. I think US and China are conspiring.

Oh, Tinawatanabe! You never cease to entertain. Just to clarify your misinformed comment. The Mexican plant was an assembly plant only. All the components were manufactured in Japan by Japanese workers in a Japanese factory by a Japanese company, Takata Airbags. The only 'conspiring' was done by the Japanese company 'Takata Airbags' to keep their faulty product a secret by falsifying safety reports and destroying evidence. I hope this clears up your messed up opinion.

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Still takata has the dafest record of all airbag companies

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