Targeting U.S. automaker signals possible China retaliation over Trump talk


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Jason Miller, a spokesman for Trump, said Trump’s team was aware of the report but it would be premature to comment.

So I'm guessing Trump hasn't read the report yet......

The guys from Airbus are probably laughing right now.

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Few expect the disagreement will lead to outright military confrontation

Wouldn't know that by just hanging around the discussions here at JT, where the sky is always falling since Trump got elected.

China is limited in what they can do. "Punishing" the US will create havoc in the Chinese economy. Havoc in the Chinese economy means a billion Chinese starting to question their government. When the gravy stops flowing, they face serious domestic trouble. So stuff like this is bluff, as is Trump's talk. Nice to finally see two sides who understand negotiation. The Americans haven't been very good at holding up their end this past decade or so.

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Trump must not do what he did as in local US Election, to double up his bets in foreign policy; this will lead to war, death, pain & much human suffering on both sides.

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