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TEPCO to buy 1 million tons of LNG a year from Qatar


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Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said Monday that it has signed a new contract to buy one million tons of liquefied natural gas from Qatar every year.

And sell it to us for twice the money I bet....crooks!

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Since then, Japanese utility companies, including TEPCO, have done nothing to improve safety measures at their nuclear plants. They are simply waiting for the government to push things through so they do not have to spend money on upgrades. Also, with the extremely high Yen, wouldn't this be a cheap way to import and produce energy?

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Hmmm, spending more money? Really? What about all those claims against the company? TEPCO should be dead.

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Since then, Japanese utility companies, including TEPCO, have burned more gas to generate power to make up for lost nuclear power.

Well thats expected and excusable. However the companies (and the corrupt government officials including Noda) have not shown leadership by not quickly investing more in renewables as Germany, which within one year after the Fukushima debacle, remarkably changed its energy mix, developing renewables equivalent to 13-20 nuclear reactors. Playing the environment card while not improving renewable sources wont sell for now, sorry. The whole world knows that what is hindering more investment into renewables is the greed for abnormal profits from the nuke electricity

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Germany may have made some changes, but building renewable power capacity (solar/wind/etc.) to equal 13-20 nuclear reactors in just a year sounds wildly unlikely given the low efficiency/output of renewable sources. One way they did change their "mix" was to shut down some reactors and replace those sources with nuclear power generated outside the country--something Japan is not able to do.

Despite a number of large-scale renewable projects currently in the works, Japan is pretty much stuck with non-renewable energy for the time being. There go their ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

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Wonder when the Japanese people don`t just oppose nuclear power (which I do find good) but also put their money where their mouth is and install some solar systems on their roofs. I am sure they would be able to find Japanese made models. Well, maybe. Just as in the US, most things are made in China these days.

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no big deal. other countries are importing much more than this. At least for now better than the silent killer nukes

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