Tesla overtakes Ford in market value


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Musk is a genius.

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I have never understood why there aren't more Teslas in Japan.

Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Japanese drivers like quality imported luxury autos. The number of Beemers, Audis and even Jags show this.

They love hybrid or fuel efficient cars, with the Toyota Prius a top seller here.

Japan would seem to be fertile ground for the Tesla company.

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Seen some more around lately.

I think the lack of fast charging infrastructure and the fact many people aren't able to park at their own home makes it tough.

It will happen in time I suppose.

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I have never understood why there aren't more Teslas in Japan.

Have you priced a Tesla in Japan? On another thread someone said that Japan charges no tariffs on imported American cars, but if you want a Tesla, you'll end up paying as much as double what you would pay in America. Japan does not want Tesla or any other American cars in Japan. Japan is using public money to subsidize hydrogen fuel cell cars, rather than electric cars, despite the fact that Japan has a complete electricity infrastructure, and almost no hydrogen infrastructure. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are not being produced in America or Europe, only in Japan, so this will keep dirty foreign cars out of the hands of Japanese drivers.

And I am no fan of Musk, or Tesla, because Tesla is almost entirely dependent on state subsidies to make their cars profitable. Most Americans cannot afford a Tesla, but they are forced via their taxes to finance Tesla's subsidies for those few who can afford to buy one. Tesla is a sham company, which, if it was forced to compete in the open market without being supported by the taxpayers, would have gone out of business some years ago.

Ironically, Ford is one of the better-run companies, which, following their near-bankruptcy back in the late 70's, prepared themselves for future economic problems, and thus had the money to get through the 2008 financial crisis. GM did not, and their failure to run their company competently cost the taxpayers some $11 billion or so. I put GM in the same boat as Tesla, neither are real companies, but state-financed industries, which provide less in product value than they consume in public revenue.

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Not sure there's a single Tesla in Nigeria. Sounds like a relatively new auto company(?)

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"I have never understood why there aren't more Teslas in Japan."

European cars are around 5% of market share. The Japanese would never let in models or makers with the potential of posing a serious threat to the dominant share of the domestic makers.

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Mainly the infrastructure, ie lack of charging stations, and the low number of houses in Japan that would allow overnight charging from domestic electricity, as NZ2011 suggests above.

The cars look good and perform well, enough reasons on their own to attract Japanese buyers. My gut feeling is that there is no reason for anyone to keep them out of Japan, but I am ready to be persuaded otherwise. Possibly the potential wealthy buyer market is narrowed further because they are also looking at niche alternatives like HFC as Sangetsu03 says.

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As an interesting note, even with subsidies, it is rare for Tesla to earn a profit. The only profitable quarter in recent memory was $139 million, which came entirely from tax credits sold to other automakers, and not from net positive sales of cars. Those tax credits were funded by the taxpaying citizens of America, 99.9% of whom don't own a Tesla. Elon Musk has so far collected more than $5 billion in subsidies from America. What a world we live in that you can become a billionaire running a company which never earns a profit, and still get a higher stock value than a much larger company that does earn a profit.

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^ Not just America, even Canada government subsides EV purchase using tax payers' money which leaves argument is that those who can afford a Tesla probably make enough to buy one. So, ended up help the rich rather than the poor.

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