Tesla shares fall after Musk's 'soap opera' Twitter poll


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The episode, described by one analyst as "another bizarre soap opera", is the most recent example of real world trouble following the often provocative tweets from one of the world's richest people.

If you are the richest individual there could be worse things you are doing than being a brilliant troll. I reckon all the other, much worse billionaires on Wall Street and old money are grateful to him for taking the heat off of them.

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Sad sad state of affairs when this idiot has so much influence on people lives

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a very serious issue -- income equality in the United States and who should pay for social safety net programs

Is that really a question?

Everyone should chip in.

And if a sports star like Ohtani Shohei is by fluke of nature endowed with great gifts and can make lots of money in return for the great entertainment value he provides to millions, is that really an issue for anyone? I don’t care that he can make loads of money. Good for him.

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Oh no, not the heckin 3% drop in share price. By the way, how many hundreds of % is the Tesla stock up since the last Musk twitter controversy that journalist hacks used to claim shareholders would be so much better off without him? Article writers like this one have literally been humiliated year after year and yet face zero repercussions for it. There isn't even a hint of introspection in the article about this. Yet another reason trust in media is so low.

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"It was well known that Musk had a big tax bill coming due from his 23 million stock options awarded in 2012," wrote Dan Ives, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, who estimates the bill at "north of $10 billion."


Who is Dan Ives?

I know who Elon Musk is…

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It was a brilliant response and we totally agreed with his intentions. John Galt

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