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Tesla stock is soaring. Madness or visionary investing?


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It has come far back down to the $700's now but my guess is it's only temporary. Some bulls were laughed at for setting a target price of $4k on the stock by the shorters, well they're not laughing now.

The untapped potential here is vast as long as Tesla can stay focused and stay away from drama. Their products give you the ability to ditch the gas station, (almost) ditch the main power grid and transport yourself around comfortably and emission free. Independence in energy, especially in regions where brownouts are common due to a lackluster power grid and extreme weather, is becoming more and more important. Not to mention that their tech is constantly improving.

I drive a Model S back home and it's by far without any exception not only the best the car I've ever driven but also probably the best thing and my most favorite thing I've ever bought. Driving it is a joy, and I can't wait to see what they do next.

It'd be a fools gambit to bet against them at this point.

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It seemed to get frightened just before a thousand, but Amazon and others have two thousand american dollar shares so the next rally I predict it will go over to $1500.

Model 3 very popular here in Australia, my car is a Prius, but next car, electric Tesla for sure !

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The cars are ok but Tesla’s true value is in its battery research.

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The market is rarely wrong. The amount of pure short-talk surrounding TESLA over the past 2 years or so was crazy. I believe that it was part of a concerted effort by big oil and their cohorts to impede Tesla at any level.

Interestingly, those short posters on message boards are nowhere to be seen now.

A very interesting stock which may just go a lot, lot higher. We will see.

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