Tesla to recall over 285,000 cars in China due to faulty software


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Tesla would contact affected users to upgrade their vehicle's software remotely for free,

Am I the only person who is appalled by the idea of any entity accessing my car's software remotely, possibly even without my knowledege?

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total clickbait headline - the 'recall' is simply an update over wifi, just like you update your PC with patches.

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You make a good point @nonu6976 8:21am which leads to more questions about current media:

* - “**total clickbait headline - the 'recall' is simply an update over wifi, just like you update your PC with patches”*

Cambridge’s “recall” is more authoritative, defined as:

*- “verb: to call back; to order the return of products made by a company. Example: ”The company recalled thousands of jars of baby food after a salmonella scare.”*

Oxford’s definition appears more diplomatic, requesting compliance:

*- “​verb: to ask for something to be returned, often because there is something wrong with it. Example: “The company has recalled all the faulty hairdryers.”*

Regardless of the nuances, there’s NO recall to the factory and its just a free, voluntary “update” to the software?

So, why did AFP editors choose that word for the headline? Is the alleged derision directed at Tesla, or Chinese buyers, … or both?

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Also, agree with @DesertTortoise 7:59am.

[Tesla would contact & upgrade vehicle's software remotely,] …who is appalled by the idea of any entity accessing my car's software remotely, possibly even without my knowledge?

It does appear somewhat ominous and possibly dubious, considering the current state of affairs with that country’s present policies governing many aspects of the lives of many of their people.

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So puts or calls on Monday?? Lol

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A car isn’t meant to be a computer. If you want a faulty computer, then buy one and not a car. And if you want a working car, then buy that , without a computer or anything that isn’t really a part of a car.

Software never is faulty. It exactly works every program step or module sequentially or parallel, as it has been instructed to do. Faulty are only the people producing such software and the ones using it.
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Tesla. Elon Edsel Musk, is the upgraded version of John DeLorean - minus the skillset of an actual automotive executive. His oft faulty auto-automobile will be sent to the trash-heap by the large manufacturers - Volkswagen - Mercedes - GM -Toyota - Honda and others. All which have actual infrastructure and facilities. Service centers. Self-financing loans for purchase. And loads of cash & access. They do not have to play cheap mind games in line with a faulty & bogus pseudo-philosophy with a libertarian bent. Musk, another pinhead ego exploiting a labor force and selling over-priced goods.

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And people wonder why I prefer the good ole gasoline car that doesn't talk to me nor decide what the vehicle is to do next.

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Navi systems already do this (if you don't buy new cars you wouldn't know) by subscription, whenever there's an update. Why would updating a cruise control function be any more "appaling" than that, which users agree is a great idea and hence pay to have it? And why would taking your car in to a service centre be any different from updating over 4G (not wifi as someone claimed)? Whether you like it or not, to fix your car someone is going to have to access it.

My two cars are pre-OBD and analog. Both have the Millennia Anti Theft Device, aka a 5 speed manual transmission. Nobody can access anything on my car without my express permission. I have software on a laptop that allows me to do diagnostic troubleshooting on the ignition and fuel injection of one car but that is about as far as the electronics go, and it is all I ever need. On the older of the two I have to use blink codes to determine if there are any diagnostic trouble codes going on.

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The Chinese want the nav system upgraded so the car will shut off it a driver tries to enter any Chinese government compound.

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