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Tesla to recall nearly 200,000 cars in China over collision risk


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Not to mention some of Elon Musk's Starlink satellites nearly colliding with the Chinese space station. Baby Ping Ping is mad at Elon Musk now!

I have a back up camera on a van and never use it. I shake my head at how people rely on these crutches like cameras and gps. It seems like it happened in another time now but I learned to use side mirrors to back up to loading docks or to parallel park a bus within no more than the length of a hand from the curb. There were no back up cameras then so developed an understanding of where your vehicle's corners are. My little boy especially gets mad at me for backing up using the mirrors instead of the camera. I pity him if the camera quits. I'm half tempted to cover it because it always cuts the radio out and beeps annoyingly at me whenever I back up or am close to anything.

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Back cameras are mandatory in cars in the US and for good reason I think (I think it is here in Japan as well or they are considering making it so). It’s not really about knowing the corners of your car but about having less blind spots. Especially against things which may move into your blind spot… for example people.

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