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Tesla turns up charm ahead of investor vote on huge Musk pay package

By Elodie MAZEIN

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$56 billion dollar man ... no thanks to the man, yes please to the company. Oh well, you can't have it all your way...

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Lost all respect for him. He cuts staff mercilessly and now can't compete with Chinese EVs. He backs Trump hoping he can hide behind a high wall of tariffs.

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Would Musk being awarded the money mean that the lawyers who stalled the award lose their $5.6 billion claim?

What a tremendous shame that would be.

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Absolutely ridiculous package. Nothing justifies such a number that drives up prices of every Tesla product to cover it, even before the needed profit the company wants to turn over. The guy has turned into a privilaged scumbag. Sack him!

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Musk is running Tesla like it was his own piggy bank these days, any shareholder would be nuts to vote in favor of this.

Major decisions about the company are now being made on the basis of their personal benefit to Musk rather than to the company. The reincorporation in Texas - motivated entirely by personal grievance over a Delaware court ruling against his personal pay - is a good example of this.

Plus Tesla is doing poorly these days, Musk is harming its brand and seems to spend most of his time on other things. The situation is quite different from 2018 when he was leading a company in rapid growth mode and his presence at the helm made some difference. Better to hire a competent CEO who will be dedicated full time for a fraction of the cost than to throw 56 billion away.

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Who is going to provide the charm. Elon Musk? Don't make me laugh. Besides, he'll get his money by hook or by crook.

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Didn't this man just lay off a whole slew of employees because the company had to rein in spending???

Good on the judge for nixing any pay raise and shame on the others for encouraging it and for what??

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I guess when you can fire thousands of workers in the name of cost efficiency and redirect it to yourself. Kinda feels BSy. Unless he’s prepared to pay full income tax on those earnings without dodging them. Anything that can take some money from the shareholders to tax system for other things might be ok. But if he’s dodging taxes and taking from shareholders then that’s a no. And I have shares in Tesla and X.

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Whatever his flaws, he sunk a big chunk of his fortune into Twitter/X, which is the only thing standing between Americans (and much of the world) and a total state controlled media.

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The rich voting for the rich to get a pay increase! One hand pays the other hand!!

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He needs this money, to pay for his Twitter debacle. How could the shareholders of Tesla deny that?

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