The bitcoin bounce: What comes next?


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Next? Some up and down but eventually going to near zero.

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Volatility in crypto lured me in but it just got ridiculous so I got out…

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Bitcoin is non existent assets,just like fools gold

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Bubble, bubble, bubble..

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I buy now the BTC under $30K and I'll sell it later over $50K.

If one does not believe in BTC staying out is the best.

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I gave up telling people about Bitcoin. If you don't want to hedge against fiat debasement, thats on you. When BTC reaches 100k, people will still be calling it a ponzi, and imaginary money, whilst they spend their entire salary of a pack of eggs.

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Only institution solvent are lottery,I can buy a winning ticket in any Texas city,and cash it in at another city,the government lose billion in taxes ,that are not reported,a lottery ticket is bonded by an annuity

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My gold is going nicely.

My crypto - I don’t care. I don’t have serious money in it.

“As the economy heads towards a recession, the cryptoverse could look more attractive than equities,” wrote Edward Moya of Oanda in a research report. “It appears the downside risks are greater for the S&P 500 than they are for Bitcoin.”

If one wants to be a crypto day-trader customer of Oanda…

If one is a long term investor, then I know which of S&P 500 and crypto I see a case for converting cash into for the next 20 years.

And gold too.

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