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There's too much guesswork in renting an Airbnb; company trying to fix that


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Cleaning fees should be illegal.

Hotel don't do it, no trade does it.

It is a scam for earning more, since if you even leave a place pristine, you still pay for it!

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Only time a listing should be able to have a cleaning fee is when they have an option to skip it and clean yourself. If not it should always just be one price, no need to make things more complicated.

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I considered it once but somehow the price changed dramatically at the reservation screen and payment was upfront with no refunds or changes. F that. I will stick to Hilton or other good hotels where you can cancel a few days prior.

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Air BnB is a blight on society. Noisy short term pests coupled with inflating rents and reducing long term housing opportunities for people who need somewhere to live. Avoid this company at all costs.

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The site lets visitors filter searches by all-in pricing, which includes the fees, although it is not the default setting.

So Airbnb is very comfortable with using subterfuge as the default setting for commerce? This might be a large part of that so-called “unpredictability” Chesky needs to eliminate?

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Air BNB is a parasitic company avoiding laws and social ethics.

it is also unsafe and abuse is frequent.

it should be shut down

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Yeah, cleaning fees should be formulated into the daily fee. It is like the tips in the restaurants in the US, an irritant.

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For good Air b'n'b hosts it is also a risk whether the guests will be good guests or not.

We offer guests the chance to stay next to Lake Biwa surrounded by mountain, and many comment on how relaxing it is after travelling around the frantic, busy tourist trails. They get an experience that would be hard to find from a hotel.

Most guests are very nice, but occasionally you can get very irrational negative feedback.

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The idea is great, but then people found ways to make more money off of it, and users abused it and everything went to hell.

Funny thing about it though, folks are still using it, even with all the negative PR and added costs.

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