34% of Japan's small, mid-sized firms intend to hike pay: survey


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The minimum wage need 33% increase to bring in line with other 5 top western economies. 2% is an insult and just show how under the heel not to give a decent livable wage. Talk about short arm and long pockets

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The peasants are revolting……yes they are.

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Let's elect the LDP once more in a landslide! After all, they are doing such a great job steering this country.

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Meanwhile in a recent poll down the page:

Kishida has called on businesses to raise wages at a pace that matches the recent sharp inflation that has hit households. Only 16.5 percent believe such an increase will come true, significantly lower than 80.7 percent who believe it is unfeasible.

There seems to be a disconnect and the Japanese worker wondering:How much? When?

Companies in Japan Inc. seem to take the lead from the LDP in giving extremely vague promises of benefits to the public that yield returns that are tiny to none.

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Some 34 percent of respondents said they are willing to offer wage hikes, including companies that have already raised wages, according to the survey by Daido Life Insurance Co.

"Are willing?" Huh? Does this mean that you wont if you dont have to? It should be WILL GIVE wage hikes!

Among these firms, 24.9 percent said they would increase pay by "less than 2 percent," while 27.8 percent said they would do so by "2 percent to less than 3 percent."

2%..... not enough to keep up with inflation and rising costs, putting employees in an even deeper hole!

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I intend to be the CEO by mid March. Do you think I will be the CEO by mid March?

I don't think so.

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so 66% don't intend to raise wages...??

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while still not paying 20 hours of overtime a week

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Let's hope the momentum continues to pick up

After all, they (the LDP) are doing such a great job steering this country.

The LDP doesn't decide our wages. Employers do. Corporate profits have hit record highs under the accommodative polices of the LDP and BOJ, yet the companies have refused to share their bounty. Let's place blame where blame is due.

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has called for pay hikes that outpace the rate of inflation.

I would like a pay increase that outpaces Kishida's tax hikes.

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The minimum wage need 33% increase to bring in line with other 5 top western economies. 2% is an insult and just show how under the heel not to give a decent livable wage. Talk about short arm and long pockets.

Which economies are you referring to? In these countries can you afford to rent your own apartment instead of sharing a house if you work on a minimum wage?

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Wage increases will happen organically, eventually. About the time where people realize,

” I have to work an hour to buy a pack of salada PRETZ??”

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Jefflee: the government set the minimum wage not employers. And that need @ 30% increase to keep pace with other 2 top economies. Japan is getting away with murder with such a minimum wage also it give way better average. Employees decide on anything over the minimum wage. Not the minimum wage and Government have the number to pass any increases but place any increase over minimum wage squarely on the company. And company will not lift their heel over the throat of the minimum earn .

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Japan,s minimum wage is 980 yen for a permanent worker. Australia is $22 an hour. Do the math. AUD 94c for a 100 yen today so in yen. Australia minimum earn would be 2000 yen an hour. Huge difference like 100% more. In other words Japan need to double 980 yen an hour to equal Australian minimum wage. So how disgusting is Japans minimum wage. If Japan did double the minimum. Then wage earner over 980 yen an hour and under my proposal increase of 1900 yen an hour would get an instant to above 2000 yen to make it fear. This is how Japan wages are so low. Now Australia pay a decent wage and are still very competitive so Japan being the third biggest economy sure can. Companies have been ripping off the employees and making obscene margins with passing on any benefits to their workers keep mega profits for themselves. It disgusting.

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So to those who gave me thumb down you must be a CEO or a business owner not willing to pass on mega profits to their workers. That greed is also the problem of Japan,s birth rate and greedy CEO will watch Japan eeconomy failing because they’re corporate greed and still will not lift their heel of the throat of the minimum wage earner. Disgusting

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Nothing will change. Japan will be the new Spain!

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A 2-3% pay rise for a selected few in an economy that has seen the cost of living rise by 25% in the last two decades. Let us all rejoice, NOT!

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Nothing will change. Japan will be the new Spain!"

Just a lot more least Spaniards know how to enjoy life.

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