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Thousands of flood-hit Thais to be allowed to work in Japan


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So the Thais who worked at Toyota and Honda in Thailand for cheap wages can now earn big bucks at Toyota and Honda for big bucks?

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Big words for little matters, it's not going to happen or labor import might have different purpose.

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They'll still be on Thai salaries, and probably having money deducted for rooms, and other expenses. Japanese companies are very good at exploiting foreign workers here.

Pity they can't employ Japanese at these factories in Japan though, is there really so much work that they need to bring people over here, and no Japan residents available at all?

Or is it some kind of quasi-PR move, to atone for Japan's single-minded focus on their flooded factories, and not the plight of the Thai people?

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A feel there will be a few mini Pat Pong areas popping up and some good restaurants when these Thais settle & stay here.

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I'm surprised that J government decided to make such exceptions even under the current situation

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Thanks to Thailand, Japan has enjoyed very cheap, hard workers for many years, this is the RIGHT thing to do. Thanks to these Japanese companies, Thailand has been able to improve their economy, Thailand is no Laos, is no Cambodia, they are way richer than their neighbors but they also have the same Mekong River, so when it rains too much, well you can see what happens, maybe Japan should also try to help out Thailand in controlling the Mekong river etc..??I do hope these Thai workers are not exploited while in Japan.

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Just wait until they see their first paycheck in Japan! Deductions for 1. Airline ticket to Japan (at JALs highest fare of course!) 2. Company Meals 3. Housing 4. Medical Coverage 5. Japanese income taxes 6. Misc employer fees! And don't forget ... absolutely no worker rights whatsoever! Good luck!

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Where is the so called RECESSION in Japan? 4.1% unemployment is perfect. High than that bring inflation. Apparently there is still a need for more workers. Yes, they should pay for their medical insurance. It probably will be the first time they have had medical or dental care. They can work for almost three years in Japan and then get a 100% refund of withheld income tax when they leave. Everyone from ALTs to professional baseball players stays almost three years in order to qualify for the refund.

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And NuckinFutz don't forget that they could be "outsourced" to help with the TEPCO cleanup in Fukushima. Happened to part-timers here in Japan, why would the workers from Thailand be treated any differently?

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A feel there will be a few mini Pat Pong areas popping up and some good restaurants when these Thais settle & stay here.

Sherman, it's obvious you've never visited Saku City in Nagano.

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No flyjin Japanese are there? Isn't it interesting how it is admirable and understandable that the Japanese are returning home because there is too much water yet those who left Japan after a huge earthquake and potential aftershocks together with a triple meltthrough going on were considered traitors. Hope the Thais have a good word for these feeble runaways

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The unions are really gonna like this. Cheap Thai labor in, expensive union labor out.

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noriyosan 73Oct. 29, 2011 - 08:17AM JST. Where is the so called RECESSION in Japan? 4.1% unemployment is perfect.

Problem in Japan is not the unemployment, but more and more low paying jobs. Most of the new jobs that are created are partime jobs or temp jobs with hardly any benefits. Almost one in five people are living in poverty level, just enough to pay rent and eat three times a day. What a future for Japan.

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I feel sosorry for the Thai people. Coming here will bankrupt them if they are paid Thai salaries.I can only hope that someone will stand up for them, they have suffered enough. Exploiting them on top would be the worst sin.

I agree with sfjp, the unemployment figures are sort of strange. Eat three times a day??? There are many people who can't afford that.

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This is great news for these Thai workers, they'll get paid in the almighty yen and they'll be rich after a few months.

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Thai workers work very hard, they're all welcome here.

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yes I think the wages must be worked out before hand. Are they going to be paid what they are paid in Thailand while living in Japan? That would be terrible if not impossible

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@serrano, "they'll get paid in yen and they'll be rich after a few months." That would only be true if they won't spend a single yen in rent, food, taxes, insurance. If they could scavenge waste food from bake shops, supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants. In doing so they'll take away the food of some Jhomeless people. Or they would steal food and even te bukuru and toilet papers from the factories they'd be working for. What a life! And the news said they'd be allowed here if the companies could ensure they'll be going back to their home countries. And do you think most will? And only for 6 months ? Can't believe it! Remember the Monbusho scholars? The stipulation I think is for the scholars to go back to their home countries and apply to their home base the knowledge and technology learned here. But do all of them do that? And those who do not are never asked to pay back. Tsurui desu ne!

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Exploitation in the name of good will. Seen it a million times here. These workers will be put in company dorms with deductions from their Thai salary - no they will not receive an equivalent JPY salary - Ask the Brazilians and Indonesians about this. They are here to be used as cheap labour, nothing more. Workers and unions here should be blocking this.

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And with regards to salary, most probably they'll be paid similar to the trainees. Something like 60,000 or 70,000 yen a month. There are a lot of so called NEETs. What most leaders and business owners want is somebody so fool and so meek subordinates to channel their stresses not necessarily bodied and abled.

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Think those Thai workers are being taken advantage of? I'll bet they don't think so. Considering the circumstances and their usual standard of living this offer to continue working in Japan is something to be grateful for. Contrary to what you think, any Thai working for a Japanese company is making a decent living wage in Thailand.

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Oh dear... This wont be good for anyone.

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After reading some of the comments here it's obvious many of you have never been to Thailand. What you may think are unlivable wages in Japan is way above the norm in Thailand. And I think that even with deductions, living expenses, etc. it's still a good deal for them.

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... on certain conditions such as that the companies will ensure they return home ",Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said.

I just knew it!

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I am sure Corporate Japan will still pay them in Bhat (spelling) into a bank account in their homeland at the original rate.

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Thai wages? Give it a rest. Do people here posting this garbage know the difference between the average Thai wages that of Japan's minimum wage?

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How many workers are we talking about? A few hundred or a few thousand? I think the numbers will make a difference with the union members. They certainly will not be happy to welcome thousand of Thai workers in their factories.

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@nigelboy Obviously not LOL, most of the posters here don't even know that by law they have to pay them Japan's minimum wage at least, it's not even debatable. Besides, they have a choice of not coming here, if they don't want to, don't they ? Amazing some of the posters are negative about everything.

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@Hide Suzuki None of these businesses that are inviting Thais here to work are Philanthropists. It will be to the company`s advantage not the workers, hence the big dose of cynicism displayed in most posts on this subject.

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A very nice gesture.

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paulinusaOCT. 29, 2011 - 11:16AM JST After reading some of the comments here it's obvious many of you have never been to Thailand. What you may think are unlivable wages in Japan is way above the norm in Thailand. And I think that even with deductions, living expenses, etc. it's still a good deal for them.

No that's quite the point. Great wages in Thailand are not going to be great wages in Japan when they are in Japan to languish for 6 months. Nothing stated here that their wages would be Japanese equivalent. Thus the cost of living will also not be equivalent. Thus the deductions and expenses will ensure they are non too happy.

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Welcome to JT. Unfortunately, you're sadly mistaken if you think those comments are doses of cynicism. As Hide alluded to, the law dictates that they would be paid in yen with at least a minimum wage even though in all likelihood, they will be paid higher. Secondly, even though their housing cost during their short tenure will be subtracted from their salary, majority of this expense will be heavily subsidized the employer via corporate housing. Secondly, if you checked other sources, the employers are quoted to saying that they want to bring "highly trained and experienced" individuals. Hence, an unemployed Japanese worker will not do.


Agree with your assessment that these employers are hardly philanthropists and this by no means is a gesture of goodwill on any party. It's simply trying to make a win-win situation out of this awful disaster.

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@ nigelboy Thank you for your welcome to JT :), and thank you for the links too. I used to be a Union Branch Chairman in a Government establishment in the UK so my cynicism is very highly developed to say the least. Thank you again

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noriyasan: "It probably will be the first time they have had medical or dental care."

Why do you assume that? I'm sure they have medical care in Thailand via the company, and medicine in Thailand is actually not that bad, and at the larger hospitals is quite good (there are a number of people from other countries who fly to Thailand to have surgeries done either because they cannot be done in their home country or else because they are a lot cheaper while the quality of care is quite high). As for dental, I have no idea.

"...on certain conditions such as that the companies will ensure they return home,”

This is the part I don't like. I think it's good that Japan is offering this option to it's Thai workers, but they should be given the option to stay if they fulfill other requirements -- not just be shipped home involuntarily after they start getting used to the place and company here. That is to say, they should be offered proper working visas if they fulfill the conditions and want to stay.

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Just great! Might as well push Japanese off the island and let the Thai people take over. No other countries will do this... Japan must think of Japanese people first. There is so many Japanese who are unemployed, it's a good time for the companies to hire Japanese get the economy rolling. First all Thai can't speak Japanese, some probably can't adjust here and it will be short term. Best solution is too stay there and clean up and rebuild the their own country. Japanese First!

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Gee smith.

If some of these workers turn out to be exceptional, they will be offered sponsorship from the employers where they they can "fulfill the conditions" as you say. What the government does not want is an extension request where the employers' start taking advantage of this emergency visa.


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nigelboy: Thanks for clarifying. I'll check the link you put in later. I was going by what the English translation said only. I'm glad some can be sponsored and stay if they wish and meet the requirements.

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You misunderstood me smith.

As with any employment related visa in developed nations, a skilled individuals can stay if and only if there is a employment sponsorship and that such skills cannot be filled by local workforce. That's why I placed the world "exceptional"

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Have them bring the factories back with them

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While this is an astounding display of charity by the Japanese firms involved, I don't think the government has given us enough assurance that these people will have to leave in six months time. How is the government going to guarantee this?

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If they pay them the same they wouldn't be able to afford a cheeseburger for lunch

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How long are they going to be here in Japan? Last I heard, the flooding was expected to last one month.

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Six months ? No idea if this is too long or too short.. Brief period of adapting themselves to the new living & working environment will require a few months unless a group of selected foremen / engineers who have already a good command of Japanese & well trained as per work system of the headquarters' practice.

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Every little bit helps,These workers are familiar to plant operations machines don't have to speak at all , and it's good for Japan& Thailand relations so i don't get some of these posters crying the blues,and from what i've been reading the majority of these posters are non-japanese to boot!

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they could be "outsourced" to help with the TEPCO cleanup in Fukushima

No Gordon. That's immoral, and the world will not remain silent if Japan decides to do that.

As old saying if you plant the seeds, YOU need to clean up. Why do they have to do a dirty laundry? Hope Japan is not that stupid.

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Should we additionally consider them flyjin and disloyal for leaving Thailand in its hour of need? Or is that just reserved for the Japanese factory workers who fled the Thailand floods?

I wish these Thai workers all the best and hope it helps them to support their families back in Thailand who are hit by the flooding. I also hope they get treated and paid fairly while they are here.

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