Tighter climate policies could erase $2.3 trillion in companies value: report

By Ron Bousso

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"This poses huge threats for assets and for the wider system."

The first thing that needs to go is “the wider system”.

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Tighter government climate regulations by 2025 could wipe up to $2.3 trillion off the value of companies in industries ranging from fossil fuel producers to agriculture and car makers, an investor group warned in a report."

Thats shocking news....nothing can stand in the way of profits and value. Much better to destroy our planet ecosystems instead.

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The Ganges, Irrawaddy, and Mekong deltas could all be lost within the lifetimes of young people alive today, but what are the lives of a hundred million farmers compared to the profits of the fossil fuel industry?

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The value of companies has been fluctuating for billions of years, there's nothing we can do to affect it. Mass corporate extiction is part of the natural cycle. They will be okay eventually. Profit Change science is a hoax concocted by deep state globalists etc.

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Guess we know what's in store... Gas masks.

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Most people own no shares so this will not affect them.

There is the "oh but their pensions ..." argument, but that is where the ratings agencies and fund managers should come in. If certain industries have a downside risk from increased regulation, it is obvious that pension funds should not hold those assets.

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