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TikTok to spend billions in Southeast Asia as e-commerce move pays off


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It’s just insidious propaganda for the Chinese government -beware!

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Comedy gold. As anyone who pays attention surely knows, TikTok, like Facebook and other social media sites, employs a vast number of former staff from the CIA, FBI, US State Department and NATO.

"Amid a national hysteria claiming the popular video-sharing app is a Chinese Trojan Horse, a MintPress News investigation has found dozens of ex-U.S. State Department officials working in key positions at TikTok. Many more individuals with backgrounds in the FBI, CIA and other departments of the national security state also hold influential posts at the social media giant, affecting the content that over one billion users see. While American politicians demand the app be banned on national security grounds, try to force through an internet surveillance act that would turn the country into an Orwellian state, make clueless statements about how TikTok is dangerous because it connects to your Wi-Fi, it is possible that TikTok is already much closer to Washington than it is to Beijing."



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Sexualising children is one of the goals of TikTok and that isn’t on, is it?

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TikTok is owned by Chinese technology giant ByteDance

We all know who REALLY owns china-nese IT companies.

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