To greenwash or do the right thing? Corporate dilemmas at COP28

By Mathilde DUMAZET

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But corporations are also at COP28 to influence as well as sell, with a huge number of lobbyists present.

Of course they are!

It’s also a chance to get away from the snow and ice in their own countries and stay in 4 star hotels drinking…

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To greenwash or do the right thing, or admit that big oil deals are to be made.

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What if greenwashing is the right thing to do?

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Forget COPxx, I'd go for pressure groups with honest folks who Support them in following their advice in not buying products made or involving a Company with links to environmentally Damaging situations. That would be a more effective affirmative action approach than these whimsical expensive conferences. .. Lay the facts on the table, let the people decide.

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