Tobacco firms lose UK court bid to stop standard packaging


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“treat adults like children and teenagers like idiots.”

Well, some are.

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Hurrah! More of this, please.

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Simon Clark, director of the smokers’ group Forest, says the rules “treat adults like children and teenagers like idiots.”

Anyone who chooses to smoke in this day and age, when the problems are well known and documented, is an idiot and deserves to be treated like a child.

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@Cleo I couldn't agree more, and although I despise people who selfishly smoke next to other people, especially in restaurants, it's still their freedom to do so unfortunately.

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I remember the warnings on Japan Tobacco's products not to smoke too much as it may cause health problems. I also remember middle-aged guys asking me if minded them smoking. "I'm a heavy smoker! Ha ha ha!"

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"I'm a heavy smoker! Ha ha ha!" sounds like your proud fof that fact!?

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So yeah, all smokers are idiots and children. People who claim things like this surely don't have many friends. I prefer being a smoker over being anti-social like for example Cleo.

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I can tell you on good authority that the UK is going to follow Australia in it's anti-smoking legislative push. Meaning that plain packaging is only the beginning. In Australia, the current govt. is aiming for $40 (¥4000) per pack in the coming years. Crazy times! (no, I'm not a smoker)

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