TOHO Cinemas selects MasterImage 3D as partner


MasterImage 3D Inc, a provider of pioneering 3D solutions for theaters, will partner with TOHO Cinemas in the deployment of digital 3D cinema systems. TOHO Cinemas has already installed the popular MI-2100 digital 3D system and MI-1000 dual projection 3D glass filters in cinemas throughout Japan and is planning more 3D system installations throughout the year. MasterImage 3D reseller, Xebex, is responsible for the installation and maintenance services.

“We see this as a great partnership between two companies passionate about giving Japanese consumers the best 3D movies possible," said a MasterImage spokesperson.

TOHO Cinemas is the biggest multiplex in Japan and one of the most recognized throughout Asia. The company operates 58 cinemas with over 520 screens. As an early adopter of digital technology, TOHO Cinemas has been aggressive to provide its customers with the highest level of 3D exhibition experiences.

The MasterImage MI-2100 digital 3D cinema system offers high-quality presentation, single- or multi-use eyewear, is easily portable between screens and is available through a compelling, ownership-based pricing model. MasterImage MI-1000 glass filters are universal and work optimally with MasterImage 3D glasses for oversized screen installations.

Over the past year, MasterImage 3D has experienced significant growth now with systems installed in over 60 countries worldwide. The addition of TOHO Cinemas continues their leadership in Asia adding to existing partnerships with prominent cinemas such as CJ CGV, BIG Cinemas, Golden Village and 109 Cinemas. At CineEurope, they announced a new relationship with Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé adding to leading European and African cinemas, including Cinema City International, Cineplex Germany, Empire Cinemas, Kineopolis Group, Ster-Kinekor Theatres and many others.

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Speaking of 3D, a quick show of hands please: Who else finds the light-level of 3D movies noticeably dark? Been to three so far, and it felt like watching a film thru sunglasses.

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Technologies are invented daily, Japanese partners can integrate their capabilities and internal powers to serve Japanese audiences. The standard for 3-D feature movie will be improved for years to come. Japanese companies can develop one standard and promote it worldwide like Sony used to market Walkman and Trinitron TVs and Camcorder.

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@Nicolas, I totally agree and along with the use of glasses this is their obvious failing. The only one I saw that wasn't like that was Avatar at iMax, which has higher light levels to begin with.

It seems to me that if they are going to keep up this polarized 3D, they should get much brighter projectors to compensate.

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I agree....that 3d movies are bit darker and the polarized glasses just add to it. I have not been to the movies to see one in 3d for a long time but I watch at home on a Mitsubishi 73 inch 3d HDTV which has three different light settings and a personal setting to compensate for the darkness. As from what I have seen the movies that are brightest are the purely CGI shows.... Coraline..Tangled...Despicable Me..etc.

While 3d is in no way a new technology it is a resurrected & improved technology that will get better in the years to come.

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Have you tried to see a 3D movie in IMAX? I believe it's quite better than the usual screen #D.

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3D gives me a headache I avoid them

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GoGoGo....I know what you mean. When I went and saw the one in the theatre a few years ago I did not feel the greatest. So I never went back to I was rather leary about throwing down a sizable sum for a 3d Television. I watched a couple of them for 30-40 minutes and had no problems. Yet that did not mean that I could handle a few hours of it. After I got my 3d TV I was rather surprised...I sat and watched a solid 5 hours of 3d Television and had zero problems...and yes I have no life.... I do not know if the effect will be the same for everyone. What I do know is that when I put on those blue & red glasses I get a headache in about 5-10 minutes. I have not had that problem with the "Polarized" glasses. I know my opinion really does not matter but I thought I would float that our there.

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"TOHO Cinemas is the biggest multiplex in Japan and one of the most recognized throughout Asia."

One of the most recognized throughout Asia? According to whom, with thier 58 or so cinemas? Does Toho recognize you can watch at least two movies in 3D throughout Asia for the cost of one in Japan -- three months after it's been released on CD in North America? Went to Korea earlier this month and saw Transformers 3 in 3-D for the equivalent of about 700 yen. Is it playing in Japan yet? And for how much?

Perhaps the first thing they need to do is work on reducing cost for EVERYTHING. I know that TOHO was talking about dropping the general cost to 1500 yen per adult, so have they done that yet?

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SousukeSagara: "GoGoGo....I know what you mean. When I went and saw the one in the theatre a few years ago I did not feel the greatest. So I never went back to I was rather leary about throwing down a sizable sum for a 3d Television."

Sorry you did not feel well, but rest easy in the fact you are not alone. There seem to be a lot of people sensitive to the whole '3D' phenomenon. I think it's just an eye thing -- a lot of people cannot read in a moving vehicle for the same reasons of motion sickness, though of course it's a slightly different function. As for the 3D TV, do NOT buy one -- I guarantee they'll be out of date within a decade; too many problems, and too many requirements. 3D TVs need to eliminate half the problems they have before they will be mainstream, and I don't think they can do it before better tech comes around. So buying the top-of-the-line 3D system would be like buying a great MD player or Beta cassette recorder. Here's what 3-D TV needs to do, NOW:

eliminate the glasses problem. Much, much easier said than done, but until it IS done you're going to have problems with people donning crappy glasses at home, never mind those with vision problems to begin with.

3-D will have to be active -- meaning not passive screen. You need to be able to move around the room and things still be 3-D. In a movie theatre this is less of a problem because you have a massive screen in and the room is dark; in a regular household you are surrounded by 'distractions' in broad daylight. Will it still be 3-D while you walk to the kitchen?

Nah, forget it. Holographic TV will be out before 2020 -- I'm quite sure they know the problems with 3-D and they are working on the aforementioned.

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Wait till they shrink 3D visualization systems and you'll be able to wear them as glasses. Unlimited screen size and reduced power consumption. Add in eyeball and head motion tracking and then you've got surround virtual realities.

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