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Some Tokyo department stores resume operations as virus concerns ease


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I meant to say,

When you wear masks you are exhaling CO2 thus you are re breathing the co2 and depleting your oxygen levels.

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I have to agree with post from " Yeah Right " Renowned Doctor Russel Blaylock has a good article on wearing face masks. When you wear masks you are exhaling CO2 thus depleting your oxygen levels. I can't understand why people wear them while walking or cycling out in the open air. Masks are only useful for people who have a flu and who are coughing and sneezing. I am getting tired of looking at all the faceless people around me. Social distancing ? that is ridiculous. Go in to a supermarket and people are continually walking front and behind those keeping the gaps front and rear.


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Any store that forces me to do something I don't want to do doesn't deserve to get my business. You might be able to force employees to wear those silly masks. face shields, gloves, etc., but if you want my business, you won't force me to comply to silly rules. There are plenty of other stores that treat their customers decently.

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I would think a mask would be enough..those face covers have to be hot...

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The face shields are a bit much I think.

Do we really want to normalize those contraptions?

For now, it is common sense. I don’t see what’s to be gained by not using them at the moment.

What do you think is to be gained by not wearing them? Do you think the number of customers will increase if they don’t use them? I get the sense that this kind of measure serves to reassure concerned customers to some degree.

Makes perfect sense for retailers.

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Burning Bush "The face shields are a bit much I think.

Do we really want to normalize those contraptions?"

I'm afraid this will be the new normal and we will have to learn to live with it.

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I just went to Uniqlo to check the new incoming Tshirts.

At the entrance, the staff stopped me, forced me to wear mask, use hand sanitizer and they measured my fever!

That is very nice and best prevention.

I felt very safe to do my shopping at that Uniqlo Store this morning!

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Went to a department store yesterday, everyone just going about as normal (except for the masks, sprays and temperature reading devices). But great to see things are back to normal with all this virus silliness

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Well this is nice to see, as I’ve said in previous posts. It’s also nice to see that this department store is re-opening in stages, just to air on the side of caution. I mean I fully support reopening, but we should do it in a realistic careful manner.

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Perfect! Best news for sunday morning!

I hope that from May 31st everything will be re-open and people can go back to their daily lifes.

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Good news.

Reopen the world economy, enough damage has been done.

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