Tokyo Disney parks to increase ticket prices for peak periods from March


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When people are struggling and need to have glimpses of joy, jack up the prices! Great business decision.

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The Most Expensive Place on Earth just got a little more expensive. Thanks, Disney for making a crappy year just a little crappier.

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another tip for people going there, smuggle your own food unless you want to spend $21 for an omelet.

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I like Disney, but during this pandemic it is the last place I would go.

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That's cheap. In the US, the cheapest day ticket costs $105 on slow season and rises to $150 on peak season, although there is a deep discount on multi-day tickets, since you need at least 3 days to experience the Disneyland/California Adventure in Anaheim CA and 6 days to experience the Disney World.

$150 is too much and look to buy a season pass to save some money? That's $1,000 and Disney has financing plans.

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In all other countries you have many ways to get cheaper tickets. Hardly no French people pays the full price at least for Paris Disney Parks. You get real bargains outside peak seasons or for some weekdays.

Indeed the full price is not cheap : 89€, that's 11 200 yens ! But green days 7400 yens. And from your working company, many get additional 50% off.

Bring your food indeed.

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its a small world after al ...

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Suckers will still pay for it, and Disney still make a killing. I always feel sorry for the people who spend the equivalent of a family trip to another country for a week on just a couple days at Disney Land and the resort hotels or what have you.

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¥8,700?You can almost rent a personal cute cosplayer Mickey Mouse dancing for you three hours for that moon

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We went during Go To Travel. The discount was a big help!

If you want cheap leisure with your kids, go camping, go to beach, or hike a mountain. Any kind of commercial activity, amusement park, skiing, rafting, etc. and its an arm and a leg.

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Great. Another reason to never go there.

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So glad I have no one in my personal life who feels the need have me take them to this house of ripoff. I do have some acquaintances who are surely going to be pissed but will still fork over the cash because they like that bs. Too bad they didn't go bankrupt and fold. Some would be crying in the streets but I would be ecstatic!

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I remember when California Disneyland was only 25 dollars and the last time I went was 35 dollars.

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Only in Japan. When things don't sell, what do you do? Raise the prices.

This happens a LOT on Yahoo Auctions and Mercari as well. Where do they learn this strategy?

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