Tokyo inflation hits 40-year high in October, on energy, feeble yen


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In Japan, work more, earn less and pay more.

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Inflation resulting from growth is good. When it results from extremely high prices from overseas it's bad.

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Food up 5% in Tokyo. Energy up 24.2.

how does that equal to 3.4%.

Consumer goods on the street prices are easily 20% up. Curious at how the govt analyzes these numbers.

local conbini 500ml pet bottle drink prices went from 100yen to 128yen. No thanks I will drink water.

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Food prices in Tokyo jumped 5.9 percent, in a blow to consumers when wage growth remains tepid in Japan.

Tepid? I think most people would appreciate a "tepid" rise in wages. Real buying power has been literally halved over the past decade, and wages have dropped, overall, as more and more companies do not hire "full-time" employees.  

Ten years ago, 10,000 yen would buy an item worth $132, but today it only gets you something worth $67.

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You have to doubt the education system, question the Dentsu propaganda when an already dismal life style is degraded to the point where young people can’t afford children, don’t use AC, so they can afford food. That’s a weird outcome for the 3rd biggest economy?

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What we have here is stagflation.

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saw my first 180 yen Coca Cola pet bottle in the train station vending machine. Up from 160 which was up from 150.

that’s not 3% obviously.

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Inflation resulting from growth is good.

It could be bearable, but “good” is too strong a word I would suggest.

With growth and technological advances, things tends to get cheaper, and new things are invented. Inflation is a result of too much money chasing too few goods. This could happen when there is economic growth, but it would only be bearable, not good. We want the growth, but no the inflation.

Stable prices, aka 0% inflation, is what policy makers used to aim for back in the 1980’s, and we should go back to that.

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Can-we now say that one of the most expensive cities of the world, Tokyo, is steadily becoming even more expensive? Indeed, quite difficult for anybody trying to make a living here.

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saw my first 180 yen Coca Cola pet bottle in the train station vending machine. Up from 160 which was up from 150.

Thats called proce profiteering. Solution: stop drinking coca cola.

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Well, fares are starting to decline again with more capacity being added. But, if you insist on flying at Christmas then I have little sympathy. Dynamic pricing and fuel surcharges will have seen to that. Where is home? If its any more than a 7 hour flight, then get used to it.

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Energy prices also surged 24.2 percent, with electricity and city gas bills up over 26.9 percent and 29.3 percent, respectively. Gasoline and kerosene prices also rose but at a relatively slower pace, due to government subsidies given to wholesalers on condition of trying to mitigate higher costs for consumers. 

Meanwhile, China is seeing higher GDP growth than most G7 countries.

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Electricity and gas charges are same as last month.

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