Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ freezes Iran transactions on U.S. court order

By Ayai Tomisawa

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Now to make it effective tighten Money Laundering regulations for which japan has bad records.

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When I was a customer, it was near impossibility to make any kind of international transaction via UFJ. I guess they were happy that they didn't have to do anything special to please American courts.

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so does that mean that all the mistaken airstrikes on the general public ( weddings etc in) the middle east over the past couple that surviors can file Afganistan court for benefits and start randomly seizing US assets around the world? Not that I support what they did, but seems like this should be something filled in a larger international court where there is less bias.

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Is there something in Japan's consitution that says a US court has jurisdiction in Japan? If these transactions were performed through UFJ offices in the US, that's one thing. Otherwise, the bank should just tell the US court where to go.

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Since when does a Japanese bank have to follow the orders of an American court? Will the USA help supply Japan with the 10 percent that Iran supplies Japan? Well no of course, why should Japan commit economic suicide to please America?

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Overreach of the American Empire. This is one expression of the global dictatorial power wielded.

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Is there war in the air?

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So what will Japan get in return for this? With all those nuclear reactors shut down they really need the oil.

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Japan knows which side to stand on in this. If you don't want to be told what to do, do the right thing on your own. The real question is why is UFJ doing business with Iran and is that business worth losing the business to the US?

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How will Japan then pay for Iranian oil? I hope no deal was done to assure the GOJ that USG will supply the oil because this will raise the price over here in USA.

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I agree with some of the above posters. Specific case aside what gives America the right to tell a foreign country's bank what to do.

Getting a bit big for their boots.

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