Tokyo says Uber Eats labor union has collective bargaining rights


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Uber eats is about to get more expensive.

Gonna have to start going out to eat again.

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Good News, unfortunately Uber had a FREE RIDE for so many years and they abused it. Worker will not seek unions help unless they feel and know they were taken advantage of. Amazon Next.

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Never used. I have a kitchen and two hands and a selection of knives. I guess lazy people will exploit poor people for their private comfort. Japan is very hot and very cold. Uber or other delivery company staff deserve proper wages.

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get Ready to pay more for delivery. Uber will not absorb the cost. They will pass it on.

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Excellent news, the "Gig" Economy has been a complete Exploitation of people, and subjected to abuse - here in Tokyo, the "Russian Mafia" have made inroads into this area by providing expensive e-bikes to Uber Eats "contractors", who are completely under their control and working pretty much 20 hours a day. Time to curtail this completely, and investigate Uber Eats contractors within Tokyo. This is a Money Laundering exercise layered through the guise of Uber Eats.

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when so called convenience/or say laziness/comes at cost...guys need proper wages and uber need be less greedy.

if you want feel more "convenient" than pay more otherwise learn how make scramble eggs by yourself but dont worry-its not some kind of science at all...

as me i have never use this service and have no plan to use it all.fridge never empty and can cook easy in own kitchen...

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It's not Uber's fault that their "freelancer" workers aren't treated as employees, tho. It's the government's fault and its loophole laws.

Look at Nova. They're an Eikaiwa that need teachers to teach at their premisses with the organization's teaching materials. But even thou the organization cannot exists without said teachers, they're are all considered "freelancers" and not employees of the company. All perfectly "normal" AND legal, thanks to Japanese loopy laws.

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Uber has a reputation as being the fag end of the gig economy hiding behind "freelancing, independent contractors".

All should have a employment contracts by law, Uber must be held responsable for a duty of care for it workforce.

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I have never used it and it is not in my city.

Anyway, I do feel to pay an extra few hundred yen’s just for delivery and just go myself to buy or cook.

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CAPTAINToday  06:52 am JST

Uber eats is about to get more expensive.

Gonna have to start going out to eat again

excellent! Please go out and pay them. Also if you do wish to use Uber you are free to do so. And Uber can adjust the contract accordingly and the staff can get a decent wage, or decent conditions. Eg…. Holidays…. Sick pay…..contracts. You know! The kinda stuff you probably have. And if their self employed the self employed should be able ti charge more for their services. You wanna keep your money and let other get paid peanuts. Yep…. That’s trickle down economics!

the crumbs!

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Been working for Uber for 4years, and honestly i never had a problem with wages.

I like their formula, where we are independent contractors, cause i basically can do what I want.

The problem i think, that it is a physically demanding job, and lots of people don't understand this.

So you see lots of people who aren't in good shapes trying to reach ends meet with their mama chari and sometimes accepting deliveries that aren't worth it.

I was usually working 20-25 hours a week but lately since there are more people like the ones i described previously doing Uber , i have to do work like a full time job to make the same amount of what I used to do.

Is not a job for everyone and people should understand that, and not try to change the industry because they personally can't make money.

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