Tokyo shares skid as Japan slips into recession


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Print more money, manipulate markets, run up more of a deficit. working a treat.

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abenomics is only for top people in pyramid...

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“The GDP data was so unexpectedly weak and clouded many prospects taken for a given,” he said.

Is everyone stupid?

How on earth did they expect GDP to increase? The population is decreasing, taking consumption down with it, and domestic manufacturers have long counted on the Japanese market for more than half their sales. The shutdown of the nuclear power plants has caused a trade imbalance as the expenditures for gas and oil have increased by 20%, while much of the export market once dominated by Japan has been taken over by China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. The decrease in the value cannot compensate for the lower labor costs and taxes in these other countries, while at the same time, the decrease has caused the price of staples to increase. We have seen consumer prices rise more than 2%, while overall inflation has remained virtually nil, as consumers spend less on other goods to compensate for higher food and energy costs. Last, but not least, is the increase in the consumption tax. Are you honestly telling me that all of you highly educated and experienced BOJ policy makers, traders, and economists can look at information like this and still predict GDP growth as "a given"?

And now Japan is officially again in recession, all we need now is to see bond rates start to push up, and what is a already a bad thing can become much worse.

I repeat, is everyone stupid?

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How on earth did they expect GDP to increase?

I repeat, is everyone stupid?

My personal excuse is that I thought it would bounce back from the rubbish 2nd quarter, which had been expected. I for example bought more beer in the 3rd quarter than I did in the second (but maybe not as much as I bought in the 1st!)

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A sign of the future....Did they ever think it was going to get better?

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