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Shares tumble as as Tokyo gov't tries to contain virus


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It's going to be a global economic recession that is going to last for many years to come, so yeah.

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You are best off staying out of this market turbulence.

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So it was a dead cat bouncing!

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horse, barn, bolted...

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Shares tumble

Panicking idiots.

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Imagine if they had started this when every single health expert in the world (save the ones that said it's okay to start baseball again next month, and for kids to go back to school) said it was going to be a problem.

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Why ???. I thought that Japan was still O.K ??? because the number of cases = 120,000,000 people is very low ???.

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Cooler heads will not prevail. All must be encouraged to panic. The Titanic is going under! Make a run for it! The sky is falling! It’s the last helicopter out of Vietnam! Meanwhile those encouraging the panic are buying stocks on the cheap waiting for the day when miraculously- the sun rises.

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