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Tokyo stocks drop on concerns about U.S.-China tensions


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Psssttt... please don’t worry!

USA and China are actually silent partners!


Washingjing have a grand American Embassy compound in Beijing BUT only a seemingly stateless entity in the American Institute in Taipei!

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America "needs" Chinese money.

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Of course, blame it on America. Has nothing to do with Japan (as well as so many other countries) losing hope for future business with China.

Stocks go up, praise Abe. Stocks go down, blame America.

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America does not need China. It was doing very well until the America decided to allow China and give it a chance for the sake of humanitarian reasons into the WTO, UN and WHO. At that time China under false pretense to the world opened its doors and factories as a means to get technology, the world's wealth and put it too where it is today. Over the last 19yrs it has slowly slid back to the old China and slowly closing its doors, encroaching and claiming areas of administration under its neighbors as theirs and aggressively so the stocks has nothing to do aside white collar criminals making money for themselves anyway they can. It is no blame on either the US, China nor any other country but the market white collar greedy criminals.

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America does not need China. 

China needs the US. The US needs China. I don’t know how you can miss this.

Also the old China, the one that lost and fled to Taiwan was a charter member of the U.N. Communist China or China was supported by most of the Communist states along with France and the UK to be recognized as China because they are the de facto mainland China.

give it a chance for the sake of humanitarian reasons

We don’t allow a family to go to the grocery store then say look their kids are scrawny, the evil parents are starving them to death! That was basically the US way of dealing with China and North Korea with embargoes and sanctions.

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America does not need China. 

Well, that's like saying America does not need gasoline. Sure, America would figure out a way to get by without it, but that ignores the fact that the current economy is entirely dependent upon it.

Both gasoline and China.

The idea that America does not need China right now is crazy. It's a statement by someone that is entirely ignorant of the degree of both integration of the economies, as well as the sheer volume of trade between them.

Such a simplistic statement, that fails to capture any of the realities of the relationship between the two nations.

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America does not need China. 

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