Tokyo stocks end lower on COVID quasi-emergency measures


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Told you so for a long time.

Don't feed yourself with the hope that it will bounce back, and we will go to the moon. There are a few reasons for that:

1) FED will raise the interest rates;

2) Financial income tax review by Japanese PM - further dump

3) Economic slowdown and closures of companies due to the spread of you know what.

and many many more,

SELL now to avoid big losses and have some CASH ready

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Bhoooomho the rich aren’t making more money……..that’s a 1¥ less a month we all don’t get.

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Time to buy more Bitcoin and DOGEcoin to balance out your investment risks.

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Good news

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Yes, time to go big on crypto to zero out your net worth.

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Time to buy more Bitcoin and DOGEcoin to balance out your investment risks.

BTC is down 11% -- in a day, and down 24% on the month. Despite what its supporters say, it's recently been a lousy hedge against anything: inflation, stock corrections, geopolitical events, you name it.

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Blue moon comes around as I agree with JeffLee. Crypto is not a great hedge in my mind - fine and good for speculative short term trading, if one is into that.

Looking at the fxgai portfolio so far in 2022, I see commodities and emerging markets stocks and real estate doing better than developed markets assets. Maybe this will be a full year story as I have the impression that inflation will drag on in the US etc.

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Geopolitical concerns will crush the markets later this year, from the mullahs, CCP, Mr. Putin, and rocket man. Plus there will be more COVID waves, and the capitalist countries are tapped out with their ability to offer any more stimulus.

I recommend shorting most equity markets.

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