Tokyo stocks rally on hopes for economic restart amid pandemic


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I'll save my money...

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If Japan was really smart and put China back in its place it would advance and ease trading with other countries as they pull back from China as the single point trading partner that caused world problems. This is what happens when all the golden eggs are in one basket. Japan was trading and doing very well long before the 1 single point world trading partner. Sometimes lessons learned and turning back the clock actually works better than previously, with this being no different but rather a positive course of action to put Japan back into the number 2 position. The time is ripe.

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Let’s go out and spend money we don’t have...

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Wait for 2-4 weeks, if the infection levels continue to go down, then great... though I have a suspicion we will see a sudden spike mid-late June/early-July, and will that result in a knee jerk reaction by the Government then, shutting things down again ?

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