Stocks close 1.96% higher on Spain bank bailout


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Standards have certainly dropped in writing because on Friday stocks "closed" 2.09% lower,but today 1.81% is considered a soar.If you're gonna use soar, Friday's headline should have read plunged. Though with those measly percentages,neither word would be appropriate.

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free money! muchos gracias!

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Fools! Another bailout, which only means getting Germany deeper in hook for the PIIG countries is not a solution to the Euro problem. If stocks rise on this, it only reflects on the short attention span of the traders.

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A major financial crisis ahead!

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Let's see what happens next week with the Greek election...

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cracaphat: All credit to JT for quoting the moves in percentage points rather than index points. Much more relevant.

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also, Measly percentage points? You wouldn't be happy buying 20mill of the index and walking away at lunctime 362k up? Love to know who you bank with that provides those sort of returns!

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I would rather see words like soar, plunge, drop crash etc., rather than oishi, oishi, oishi, oishi and more oishi

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This bailout business is getting to be VERY HILARIOUS, ist Greece, now Spain who is next...Italy, France, etc... Maybe it is time the ORDINARY FOLK start running the show, because the IDIOTS running it now do not have a clue.

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@canadianbento: Would you care to explain what is 'VERY HILARIOUS' about it?

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didn't think so.

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