Tokyo stocks to trade in tight range this week


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The Nikkei could rise to 9,200-9,300 in the near future if there is no fresh negative news from Greece, she said.

there will be plenty of negative news if not from Greece, may be from italy, spain but ofcourse not from Japan.

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Put the global economic system ,finance system and currency system in order,this is what,is required.

It won't be easy, but nations and leaders have to work together ,to counter all the negative economic news spreading about some nations.

Global confidence building,is really required these times.

It will take time , patience and years. The markets should be made stable first.

Then negative news,should be tackled one by one regarding this or that woe.

Market players just love to create whatever fears,to push up or down prices. Any nation facing economic woes,should be helped out of mess. Patience,time and years of proper change need to be adopted most by affected nations.

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