Top Japanese banker sounds alarm over Hong Kong freedoms


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Even with all the turmoil, not just in HK but in the mainland, we'll still have all the bureaucracy, xenophobia, low-efficiency and other drawbacks one encounters in doing business in Japan. If businesses leave HK, then they surely won't be coming to Japan, that's for sure.

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Well said mr Kitao.

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Kettle calling the pot black, except the pot here is much brighter than the kettle.

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Move to Shanghai. Chinese economy is up 6% last couple of months.

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Kitao's comments are unlikely to go down well with Beijing.

Extremely bold to express the reality of the situation.

I worry that Beijing will consider this a violation of the restrictions to think freely.

He is right, why pay the high cost of living in HK.

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Hong Kong is China’s loss, and - as the free minds escape - the free world’s gain.

It is tough for the Hong Konger’s but if it were me, I’d place my freedom over the most cause of a Hong Kong that is no more.

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Chinese economy is up 6% last couple of months

ha ! you believe the word of the CCP ?

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Move to Shanghai

There you go, out of the frying pan and into the fire. No thank you.

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He is right, why pay the high cost of living in HK.

....when you can pay for the high cost of living in Tokyo.

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Move to Shanghai? What? Just stay out of China. Don’t play the CCPs game. JAPAN PLEASE TAKE A STAND AGAINST CHINA!

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