Top SoftBank exec quits after reported clash over compensation


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Another rat flees a sinking ship. Softbank's shares in Tokyo are down over 40% of the past year. I wonder how the Vision Fund is doing? It piled into China before Beijing's crackdown on IT companies and it also piled into "disruptive" growth stocks before the ongoing market rout. Talk about bad bets!

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Sigh. If I made $16 million last year I would never have to work again and would still live quite comfortably.

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WeWork a fiasco led by a lunatic who was cashed out by Claure. Brightstar Claure's menagerie bought up by SB as a favor and to entice him to Softbank. Spring, one of the worst 'tech companies' run by Claure and acquired by T-Mobile otherwise it would be on the trash-heap.

Perhaps Claure can return to Bolivian football of which he framed his contributions about which he boasted with much braggadocio. The national team hasn't qualified for the World Cup since 1994.

16 million to one billion that certainly seems like a reasonable pay increase. Especially as he has a large hand in SoftBank's current 'problems'.

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Just a foreign fraudster. Get out of softbank.

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It's only a 62-fold pay increase. What's the problem?

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ok so how much does Son make?

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How much is enough? 1 billion? That greed is off the charts is an understatement.

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Marcello brought WeWork into SB in the first place after being baited and caught hook, line and sinker by Adam Newman, without any real due diligence but instead just on AN's apparent charm.

Disastrous. He owes SB for his ineptitude, rather than SB owing him. Any idiot could see that WW was a flawed business model (almost a Ponzi) and it was widely reported years before the failed IPO comedy.

But no matter how it will pan out, Marcello won't need to sell his 55 meter megayacht just yet.

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If 16 mil means nothing for this guy, I might just ask him if I can have a small loan of a million dollars.

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Think of what this guy risks at his desk, staring at a monitor. Poor posture. Eye strain. Mouse arm syndrome. Stress at the prospect of losing other peoples' money.

I'm sure those working the land from dawn to dusk or wiping bodily fluids off the floor for minimum wage wouldn't begrudge the guy a billion. $16m just doesn't go as far as it used to.

Maybe we should start a crowd funding page for him.

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The FT is suggesting that his personal investments he made through SB have gone sharply south, thanks to the global tech selloff and China crackdown, which is why he's asking so much as "compensation" at this point in time.

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Haven't got enough money???

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