Toshiba completes new light for Louvre pyramid


Toshiba Corp has completed the first stage of renewing external lighting at the Louvre, the world's most popular art museum, and that the Pyramid, the three pyramidions and the Colbert pavilion of the Louvre will be suffused with the warm glow of new LED lighting on Dec 6.

As the conventional exterior lighting of The Louvre approached the end of its life, the museum recognized the value of replacing the old, high energy xenon lighting with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LEDs. The museum selected Toshiba as its partner in this endeavor, and Toshiba has delivered and installed its latest LED products and fittings. Working in close collaboration, Toshiba and the Louvre have designed the lighting to bring out the intrinsic beauty of the museum. Fittings include high beam-lamps to illuminate the Pyramid and the palace walls.

Work on replacing the museum's old lighting will continue. The remaining facades of the Napoleon Court will be completed in April 2012, and the courtyard will follow in 2013. Toshiba will provide a total of 3,200 LED light fittings to replace 4,500 xenon lighting fittings, and they will cut annual power consumption for the exterior lighting by 73%, from 392,000 to 105,000 watts.

Toshiba recognizes LEDs as the lighting of the future and is taking its new lighting system business to the global level. Toshiba aims to secure sales of 350 billion yen in FY2015.

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OMG - I really hate that pyramid - They should better use the light to blind it away from passer-by's views..

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Hope it look better than before after the work is complete on it.

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