Toshiba drops 2 board member candidates ahead of shareholder meeting


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That is not enough!

Anyone that Toshiba wants is probably corrupt and rotten to the core like Toshiba or Nissan! Foreign investors need to step up their pressure and let their voice heard with money.

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But because Biden and Suga desperately need friends, somehow I expect the Toshiba debacle will dissipate ...

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You going down Toshiba!

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Since the report was released four outside directors have issued a statement saying that they will not support all candidates.

Slight mistranslation. "They will not support all candidates" suggests that they will support some, but not all, of them.

It should read "will not support any" (they will oppose all).

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Sell Toshiba to foreigners and reap massive tax revenues!

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Toshiba is actually listening to the gaijin complains.

there's some hope.

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