Toshiba eyes Y600 bil capital injection to prevent delisting


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So they need ¥600 billion to avoid being delisted. Perhaps it's time to just accept that the company is another failure requiring a massive injection of tax payer money to limp on into the future towards another huge injection of tax payer money and so on.

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Innovation Network Corp of Japan and Development Bank of Japan... to the rescue perhaps? Domo Arigato! There are quite a few Japanese companies still doing business that have no business doing business thanks to the above two government entities. Just scratch the surface people.... you'll learn that what you thought about Japan and what is actually going on are two totally different things. Don't mean to Bash... but the outward air of honesty, professionalism and intelligence, that is portrayed versus what is actually going on gets me going.

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Toshiba shot themselves in the foot by going to war with WD. Their statement of they would rather let Toshiba die than deal with WD didn't help the stock price either. Yet all these bozo's are still in power.

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This would be great if it happened (maybe Toshiba's management is coming to its senses rather than listening to its M&A advisors for once?). The whole point of hurriedly selling instead of the slower process of equity financing (IPO, spinoff etc) was to avoid delisting. Looks like a sale won't be quicker, so why even sell to Bain at all? Look, TMC is an incredible business and I would much rather contribute to raising money via a rights issue, if it means keeping 100% of the worldwide no. 2 chip producer, than lose 60% of it to Bain for a fraction of its long-term value.

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