Toshiba, Fujitsu reported in talks to merge loss-making PC units

By Makiko Yamazaki and Reiji Murai

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Toshiba Corp and Fujitsu Ltd are in talks to split off and merge their personal computer units, people familiar with the matter said, as Japan’s electronic conglomerates seek to retreat further from loss-making businesses.

And just who the hell would invest in the combination of two money-losing ventures who's markets are being over-run by better, more agile competitors. Oops, here's the answer:

Splitting off weak operations into joint ventures has become common practice for Japanese electronics conglomerates. Smartphone screen maker Japan Display Inc, for example, was formed in a government-backed deal in 2012 from the ailing display units of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi Ltd.

The good old J-government, probably as part of their "innovation" efforts, will once again bail out these morons. Japan at its socialized best.

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To be honest, who in their right mind and with some knowledge about the subject buys a computer from Toshiba or Fujitsu?

I mean, no wonder they are making losses. Toshiba products in generall are bad in my opinion but Fujitsu computers and laptops are something I don't even tough with a tongue. My wife had a fujitsu phone. Overheated all the time. I have to use a Fujitsu laptop at work. It's not fun.

My advice: Stick to what you are good at instead of trying to make a profit in all categories.

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