Toshiba, McDonald's Japan booted from 'good governance' index


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I'm not lovin' it.

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"Long accused of being inattentive to minority and foreign shareholders, and of lacking strong oversight from their boards, Japanese companies are being called on to comply with the changes—or explain why they cannot. "

And are doing neither.

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Reasons to be long the Topix400

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Good corporate governance is fine for shareholders but does squat for the public or nature. What is more critical is good corporate social responsibility, which looks at issues of how much unpaid and negligent social and environmental damage exploitative corporate practices create.

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Isn't this the same list that recently added TEPCO? If so, this list is a joke.

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I believe this new index is created based on a few criteria for measuring performance, I think return on equity is the biggest factor so Toshiba and McDonalds getting the boot might have nothing to do with there scandals.

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Japan lags its overseas peers in corporate governance

This media talking point is just going to be repeated over and over isn't it, no matter how many corporate scandals occur "overseas". What is really going on is that hedge funds are trying to get their hands on the cash balances on Japanese corporate books, and their media stenographers and parrots are trying to help them do so by claiming Japanese companies must be "run better". Translation is "they should hand over the money to us"!

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I still love the french fries and apple pies!

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It is unfortunate that profit has become the buzz word of so called fortune companies. Profit at any cost and even at the cost of customers and citizens indicate the quality of people and character of men and women who head organisations, which boast of its global presence. The companies like McDonald should be barred from doing business by killing ethics and without any ethics.

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Best governance: board of directors should be 1/3 employee representatives, 1/3 consumer representatives, and 1/3 investor representatives.

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"human tooth found in some fries"

Where was the resting of the body found? In the Big Macs, maybe??

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