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Toshiba mulls cutting thousands of domestic jobs to reduce costs


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meh it's a private company now, it can do what ever it wants (including go belly up).

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My toshiba tv is still rocking. Good products

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It is never a good sign when a company has to resort to layoffs in order to stay in business.

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1glennToday  05:25 pm JST

It is never a good sign when a company has to resort to layoffs in order to stay in business.

Nor is a company not doing anything and suddenly filing for bankruptcy a good sign either.

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People it is a global problem come time June you will read and hear about many being laid off from work. Many of the tech companies in the US is already paying off people and it will get worse come time June. The WORLD is bankrupt and history has told us the ONLY way to get monetary control under order is WAR that creates jobs and at the same time get rid of people. We have many poor country and countries with big economies where the people can bare eat and sleep because of the cost of living. There's too many people on this earth and people are not staying in one place they are following the money trail like animals follow their food and water sources. This is only just the beginning buckle up because it going to be a hell of a ride!

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Why June and July?

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Made a mess of it. Why June and not July?

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Toshiba, once envisaged the biggest nuclear giant over GE and Westinghouse... lies in ruin...

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