Toshiba reports Y965.7 bil loss but avoids delisting


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garbage company but completely typical of nearly all of the remaining japanese megacompanies.

they're all going to follow suit sooner or later.

innovation leaders such as softbank are the exception. bright young people should be watching masayoshi son's management style and try to copy it if they want to survive. anyone emulating their bosses at a company like sony or toshiba is going to end up bankrupt.

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Almost every time a Japanese company buys overseas like this it ends in tears.  and they are on a spending spree just now......

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I concur with all the above, speaking from experience.

For long existing big (or not so big) J companies, management is more or less military style, with little to no possibility of quick change outside the box.

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They only have themselves to blame.

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When a company does not do well & management stays in to cover up this is the perfect outcome same as Enron.

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How is that possible? They never ever made a profit. I am starting to think Japanese companies are only for show.

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And, all the while their company was going down the pooper they were lying to their shareholders, investors and creditors stating everything was ok. This seems to be a consistent pattern with Japanese companies. Takata would be another example.

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I've never owned Toshiba products and I never will ....

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