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Toshiba reports Y950 bil loss over Westinghouse bankruptcy


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this may be the final knockout punch from which you never get up...

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Reckless: No... we (the tax payers) will bail them out, and they'll be free to falsify the records and gamble with our taxes again. No punishment.

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Where are the usual proponents of safe and profitable nuclear power? With these losses Toshiba could have bought solar panals for every home in Japan.

Nuclear power is a huge money loser

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If TEPCO can survive a multi trillion nuclear disaster Toshiba could too. Probably try to sell off whats worth keeping like the flash memory business.

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Sorry folks, but Toshiba is going down. There will be a Firesale and it's viable operations picked up for a steal by those with deep pockets.

I really feel sorry for those who were working within the group - with the exception of those who ran it, the latter should be taken to Court and Hung - keeping them in jail at the taxpayers expense has no benefit ... at the same time, there's a number of TEPCO Exec's who should meet the same fate. Better still, save the rope, send them all to the Fukashima plant to manually clear away some of the debris by hand, and leave them there interned.

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Failure of epic proportions! Its hard for seeing Japan's once proud and innovative leaders wimper out of existance.

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Cue Queen, "Another one bites the dust!"

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Very sad. Such a great name in corporate Japan, and now that. My first laptop was Toshiba-made and I liked it very much. Sharp, JAL, now Toshiba. Something is very wrong with Japanese corporations last years.

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Toshiba is having its own nuclear meltdowns but with 200,000 workers 100,000 in Japan and some very healthy parts of its business.

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Japanese companies have to change their business practices or end up like this.

Its sad to think that once Japan was such a power house and now almost all of Japanese Tech businesses are falling to "Old business practices".

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Nuclear is a loss to everything including the environment. Change does not help monolithic white elephant government subsidized plants. Let the 1950's finally be buried along with all the toxic waste. It's a tough lesson to learn but maybe people will finally stare it in the face and learn it and finally move away from it? It's not like we need it given advances in other areas.

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Why doesn't Toshiba keep what makes a profit, their memory business, and merely allow the nuclear to go bankrupt? That makes more sense ( and cents). It's not like they were going to clean the nuclear up or something.

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Sharp, JAL, now Toshiba. Something is very wrong with Japanese corporations last years.

My opinion is that one major reason is their inbred management structures (common to many companies here unfortunately). No new ideas & senior management tiers full of yes men. Whereas many companies around the world bring in outside CEOs, in Japan they are brought up through the rank & file and have no experience outside of their own business culture (maybe they've worked in a group company at best). If you've only ever worked in one business environment, no wonder you can't see outside the box.

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Hello Tosh, wot, no Dosh ?

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