Toshiba to build biomass power plant in Fukuoka

By Sousuke Kudou

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp, based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, will build a thermal power plant using imported biomass as fuel in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Toshiba Energy Systems will build new facilities in an area adjacent to the Mikawa power plant, a biomass power plant owned by Sigma Power Ariake Co Ltd, which is affiliated with Toshiba Energy Systems.

The new biomass power plant is expected to combust only biomass (imported palm shells) as fuel. It will be equipped with two units of a 22MW boilers (44MW in total). The amount of power generated at the plant will be equivalent to the power consumption of 70,000 households.

The plant is scheduled to start operation in the spring of 2022.

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You’d imagine that a country with a population as big as Japan’s would produce enough ‘biomass’ without importing it?

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What a scam these biomass plants are. Actually burning wood etc. It would be more efficient and better for the environment to burn coal but we can't speak the truth any more apparently. An actual science means zilch.

More smoke and mirrors to appease the ignorant left wing Greenie types

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Yep - just love how the term "Bio-mass" gets tossed around to create some kind of image of "Eco-technology" to produce energy.

And Ozziedes- What do you mean by your statement " appease the ignorant left wing Greenie types..."?

Who are they?

I'd thought the smoke & mirrors would be for the ignorant conservative types who only follow the bleats of Big Inc., believing every thing they are told is for their own good.

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Palm oil production is taking over and wiping out more and more of South East Asia’s equatorial forests. Is this where these ‘palm shells’ will be coming from, becoming an extra source of income for the plantation owners?

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How much energy is used to transport these palm shells to be burned? They have obviously much lower energy density than something like coal or oil. It sounds more like a politically motivated feel good scheme than a plan that makes economic and environmental sense.

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My understanding is that biomass energy production is only beneficial (from a carbon footprint perspective) if the source of the biomass is constantly being replaced. So if you have a carefully managed forest as a source where you are replanting every tree you use then it could be sustainable (assuming the trees are in close proximity to the plant so transport emissions are low).

If your source is palm shells from palm oil fields in Indonesia planted on old growth forest that was slashed and burned to make way for it, your project isn't green, its part of the problem.

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