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Toshiba says it will support ¥2 trillion takeover bid


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This will not end well. It is doubtful these investors know how to run an electronics firm. Maybe if Toshiba could sell electronics to Putin's militia the way they sold electronics for Soviet submarines usage in the 1908s they could clea up the black nails of debt. Toshiba is a symbol of Japan and proudly uses Kanji, unlike other electronics forms who try to sound American. Hopefully they won't screw up this offer like they did the previous one.

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just a delay again of a final unavoidable bankruptcy. Toshiba is now a near empty shell but Japanese false pride leads to this temporary rescue.

and old fashioned rescue for an old fashioned company. Palliative care. 2 years maybe ?

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Toshiba was a scapegoat slaughtered by America's trade war in 1980/90s, this enterprise almost forgotten by people. The consecutive Japanese administrations did not do their best to protect their business from irrational and political driven sanctions from U.S.

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2¥trillion? That's in Toshiba money of course. Their auditors and accountants are all creative types!

What's the real value?

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I thought Toshiba was sold to Foxconn?

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I rarely see any Toshiba stuffs these days.

I stayed in a hotel in Vietnam that was well equipped with Toshiba TVs, air cons, etc., and later learned it was owned by the military. Nice hotel, but had a Soviet feel. By contrast, the privately owned cool trendy boutique hotels were mostly equipped with Samsung equipment.

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I rarely see any Toshiba stuffs these days. Basically Japan golden days has gone forever.

I remember in 1985, it was the "Toshiba Scandal" that caused a serious incident. When Toshiba sold digital machinery to Soviet Union in early 1980s, the Russians used those machines to make submarine propulsion system that made Soviet submarines very quiet.

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but have also pushed for faster growth and a clearer long-term strategy.

In a way, isn’t this an oxymoron? Lol

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Foreign investors get denied.

No, that’s not the case. No one is denied here. You might have difficulties to directly become a JIP member, but of course you can freely burn all your mega money anytime by indirectly investing instead into some or all of the 23 companies and banks of that consortium.

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I thought Japan is always talking about a internationally agreed rules based system, but in this case Japanese rules apply. Foreign investors get denied. A Japanese conglomerate gets the dodo prize.

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Spend 2 trillion JPY in US government bonds for a much better return.

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Will the 2 trillion takeover result in meaningful changes in Toshiba, or is it just a bailout?

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Toshiba is pretty much a zombie at this point. It sold home appliances, electronics, and various commercial units to the Chinese. The nuclear unit is bankrupt. The semiconductor unit is largely sold as well.

MITI should have sold Toshiba to higher foreign bidders to take the money investing into Rapidus or other semiconductors ventures. Keeping an old zombie isn't feasible.

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The JIP-led consortium includes 17 Japanese businesses and six Japanese financial institutions

Kinda sounds like an echo of the old-fashion "keiretsu" convoy system that Japan was supposed to reform in order to catch up with the 21st century. The most important issue for the Japanese is that Toshiba remains Japanese. I'm wondering about the bureaucracy when you've got 23 owners. LOL.

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